Uploadingit is shutting down
Posted by: Site-Admin | 5,969 Views | Friday, August 7th, 2015
We are very sorry to announce that Uploadingit.com will be shutting down on September 7th. In the coming weeks we will be winding down our service and preparing to take it offline. During this time we will be disabling all download/bandwidth limitations allowing you unlimited access to all your files.

On September 7th, Uploadingit.com will no longer be available. This terminates access to any iOS and Desktop applications as well as API integrations and the main web service. If you have any questions please feel free to open a support ticket at http://uploadingit.com/support/open


Uploadingit Staff

Update (08/09/2015):
Many have asked for an explanation as to why Uploadingit.com  is shutting down. Our team has always been small, no more than 4 people, which does not leave us with much development bandwidth. Currently, Uploadingit is operated by 2 individuals and unfortunately we have been too busy developing other software to focus on our main product. In late 2013 we began development on FireFile.io which would serve as the replacement for Uploadingit. We had planned a new interface, file synchronization across devices, iOS/Android/Mac/Windows/Linux applications, 3rd party integration with Dropbox, Box, Mediafire, Google Drive and many others. We actually have pretty good progress on development but do not yet have an end product to display. As Uploadingit.com continues to run we do not have a cost-effective way of keeping it alive as the Tera-Bytes of data are becoming too costly to store.
Alexandra - 4 weeks ago

I am so very disappointed to hear this :( Other than a handful of downtime, Uploadingit is far superior to any other image/file hosting site/sevice out there. You will be very sorely missed. I've always wondered how word of your service wasn't spread very far. May I ask why it is shutting down?

johanblogwork - 4 weeks ago

is very sad :(
uploadingit are thes best file hosting the big problem has dont Collecting payment for premium user.

Thanks alex tanks

appnee - 4 weeks ago

For now the only best free file hosting - uploadingit, even better than mediafire or dropbox. But I guess this is a hard choice for your group guys. So could we know what your next plan/product is? We are expecting it so much.

StevenCurry - 4 weeks ago

You are kidding me? I was slowly building my business using this site for years, and I would have been thrilled to actually got to the point where I had to start paying for it! This has worked SO WELL for SO LONG. Very few problems... What was the reason???

nashul - 4 weeks ago

I think he said already why is shutting down. The service of storing data is costing him money... as there are no money..., the money has to come from somewhere.
We, the users should start paying for that.

StevenCurry - 4 weeks ago

@Replying to nashul's post:
I kind of gathered that from the sort of convoluted/broken English message there. Maybe that's just how the translation came through. The problem is, is that everyone on the internet wants everything for free... I'm having trouble finding another site this good. I thought 2B downloads and counting was impressive. Was it trouble collecting from users after the fact, or attracting them in the first place???

StevenCurry - 4 weeks ago

OK. Just read their post dated today. They must have just posted it... Looking forward to your new product!

jlbarbag - 4 weeks ago

I would like to know if there is a way to import all the files at the same time.
I have folders and I can not download one by one.

(It would be better if I can pay something for the service)

appnee - 3 weeks ago

Anytime, if has a better way to choose from, it's always good to make the trade-off.

nanyatimz - 3 weeks ago


This is a very sad news...
But thanks for persevering Uploadingit team, even though I'm relatively new using this host, it is simply the best.

Ahmed - 3 weeks ago

Oh! What about my uploaded file

TwistedJackrabbit - 3 days ago

Sad to see this place go. To be honest, though, I spend less time and reliance on the Internet nowadays, so I have no need of any file sharing websites right now.

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